26 thoughts on “Chaos (warning – extremely violent)”

  1. Now this is how you treat a bitch. Maybe if you stuck up whores were not such arrogant pieces of shit this wouldn’t happen. God I would love to grab a bitch off the street and do way worse shit than this. FUCK YOU GODDAMN WOMEN. FUCKING HATE ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. You’re pretty ignorant Sean. Not all women are arrogant/stuck up/whore etc. Anyone that thinks all people in any group is a certain way is ignorant and arrogant. Even if it WERE true, no behavior that doesn’t harm other deserves harm in return. Your attitude makes you one of the men personally responsible for the very behaviors you complain about in women. Seek professional help.

    2. I guess you were gang raped at some point fucking little faggot ass bitch.. i would love to do half the things from this video and see how you like it little faggot spineless bitch..come to Massachusetts i know plenty of wooded areas where no one is going to hear you scream for help..I will find three more guys for you as a treat, then two of them will hold you on while the other heats up a fireplace poker to red hot, then i pull your jeans and kick open your legs, then i ram that hot fireplace poker so far up your ass your going to pass out from the sheer pain, then i wait another 5 hrs or so and do it again..Then while my gay male friends take turns on you..i call another handful of gay men with the biggest dicks ever and rape you over and over until you can’t scream anymore..How’s that sound faggot?/?

      1. Anonymous, you’re nothing more then a net troll who’s probably still living with Mommie…right? You got as much balls as a cockroach , which by the way, is exactly what you are anyway. A freaky little cockroach with no friends and a dick the size of a pencil! You threaten nobody with your big bad internet talk. Stay hidden behind your screen so you can feel safe back in your Mamma’s arms, you sick dickless freak!

      2. Most horrible scene I’ve seen. I know it’s just a movie, I would be embarrassed as an aspiring actor to be in this movie. The maker of this movie should be put in jail terrible frame of mind. Shame on you, God I hope you don’t have children .

    3. Just posted ths guys IP address on 4CHAN if anyone in hs catchment area wants put the fear of god (or the devil) into him, be my guest….

      If only I were able to make the distance youd be getting a knock on you bedroom door instead of a message.

      your more than likely an acne riddled teen loner… or you were once an acne riddled teen an your still alone an pushing 40…. what a waste of life, find happiness or end it before your miserable life polutes others.

      HAVE A NICE DAY DICK HEAD 😀 x x x xx

    4. Some women deserve to die in a horrible, slow, painful death, and some don’t. Who knows? Who cares? Why has this been going on for almost a year?

  2. Sean is right, women are obviously made for one main purpose: to absorb sexual punishment by the physically dominant and mentally superior male. It’s fun to hurt them, almost as much fun as humping their buttholes as they desperately try to squirm away.

  3. Goes on rapebait.net.
    Complains about the explicit content and comments.

    Wow, who invited the whiteknights here. Go tip your fedora somewhere else! Possibly in a safe space like Tumblr.
    gtfo male feminist

  4. This video is disgusting and I feel like a horrible person for watching a little over a minute of it. I’m not going to judge people for watching it because as I said I watched at least part of it but for those of you out there who actually think even saying that you’ll do this let alone actually doing it is acceptable well you deserve far worse than what was seen in this video from a moral standpoint alone this was far beyond wrong from a legal standpoint about 8 different t laws were broken on multiple occasions most of them felonys. Now don’t get me wrong I’m defense it leg not a feminist but contrary to what some people seem to believe there is a difference between not being a feminist and being anti woman. Femmenists want female superiority not equal rights and if you truly want equal rights and call yourself a feminist you might want to rethink your stand point I’m just a reasonable relatively moral guy who thinks every one deserve the same rights and privaleges.

  5. That was extremely disturbing. Reading some of these post scares me more than the film. To know its folks out there wishing this Shit on anyone is frightening. Please stay far away from Virgina.

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