Femmes De Sade – Annette Haven

7 thoughts on “Femmes De Sade – Annette Haven”

  1. An interesting note on the actress in this , Miss Haven was raised in a sexually conservative Mormon family and born in 1954, this title goes back to 1976 when movies were still filmed on film and not video tape , she really was not credited in the production only mentioned as The Hooker at IMDB.
    From well brought up to Legendary Porn Star back in the day , must have been a rebel teenager is my only thought.
    The dialogue in this is laughable to me as with the acting as she cooperates with being tied up befor submission .

  2. Info is sketchy on many of the old flicks. Haven is in the film, but her sex scenes aren’t until the orgy at the end. I picked this up on DVD from Alpha France a few years back as a double feature with WaterPower (that one you must see!) and have become familiar with both actresses since. Good stuff indeed!

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