The Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck – Kathy Shower

2 thoughts on “The Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck – Kathy Shower”

  1. That’s so hot. It may be pure fiction, but it’s still the animal truth. That’s what this scene is about. A white woman will always love the Black man, even if it’s against her will. Look at Kathy Shower’s face. That wasn’t just an act, she LOVED it. The Black race is the Master Race, and she knows it.

    1. The European version versionof the film is better. It had an extended oil scene where you see Kathy being stripped by the native women before her oil rubdown. The rubdown was a few minutes longer with Kathy moaning a few times when the women rub their hands into Kathy’s upper thighs and her hips respond back vigorously. Her breasts were squeezed a lot and her nipples were tweaked and pulled. You hear Kathy moan like she was cumming also the sex scene between Kathy and the chief was longer.

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